Automated Document Assembly Solutions

Automated Document Assembly Solutions

Flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options.

A document assembly engine designed to suit your unique business requirements.

All organisations use documents.  To accommodate for widespread client requirements, Intuate Group offers a variety of deployment options that include desktop, on-premise, cloud or a hybrid cloud/server solution.

Our solutions suite consists of:


Craft intelligent and dynamic templates with leading-edge document assembly software.

Key features:

  • Both Microsoft Word documents and PDF forms can be converted into intelligent templates, allowing a user to easily enter data and produce versions of a document or a set of documents that are free from errors.
  • Insert variable information using a basic select-and-click method.
  • Computations, formulas and conditional logic can be included for advanced automation.
  • Customised, interactive interviews can be built for data gathering.
  • Range validation and help resources can be linked to specific questions.

Empower your organisation with an on demand, transformational and cost effective browser-based document assembly solution.

Key Features:

  • Templates can be integrated and embedded into your website or business applications using API’s.
  • A customised user experience is provided within your own environment.
  • Data can be entered manually into forms and/or imported from external databases.
  • Subscription-based deployment eradicates upfront software expenditure and maintenance costs.

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application allows for quick deployment via your own web portal.

Key features:

  • Your templates can be uploaded to your custom web portal and accessed online at any time.
  • Questionnaire links can be sent directly to clients or embedded in a web page.
  • Questionnaires can be completed by users in real time.
  • User groups and permissions can be customised for optimal control and security.

Powerful and scalable to handle the document assembly requirements of any organisation.

Key features:

  • Templates can be accessed via any web browser.
  • Bundled with a number of web applications that can be used “as is” or customised.
  • Easily integrates with BPM workflows, case management systems or document management systems.


Please download our brochures for full insight into key features and functionality.

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