Automated Voice Messaging

Automated Voice Messaging

Enhance your customer communications strategy.

Collect and communicate high-value information to customers rapidly with no additional impact on agent resources.

Intuate Group’s Automated Voice Messaging (AVM) service will deliver a personalised pre-recorded message or a custom voice message (created using a text-to-speech engine) to a defined list of telephone numbers. The system will capture any user input (DTMF tones) and generate a report of call outcomes to be delivered to the originator of the campaign.

Use Cases

  • Notifications/reminders to recipients
  • Delivery of marketing messages
  • Gathering of survey information
  • Delivery of account/debt collection information


  • Pay only for recipients reached
  • Communicate high-value, time-sensitive data and save on agent resources
  • High outbound capacity
  • Message can be recorded in any language
  • 100% cloud, no hardware or software installations required


  • Reduce non-revenue generating inbound calls and increase contact centre service levels
  • Proactive communication of service and account status
  • Improve response rates with personalised messages or customised offers
  • The ability to create complex custom scripts
  • Present an API (application programming interface) for seamless integration into existing systems

*Powered by the #1 North American Outbound Dialling System – Frost & Sullivan



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