Your contact centre shouldn’t be trapped between the customer and the business.


Ensure that your contact centre design supports the deployment and integration of all resources to ensure optimal business results.

The age of the customer is upon us and businesses that choose not to adapt to the ever-changing needs and demands of the modern customer will inevitably fail.  As a result, complex contact centre environments are under severe pressure to deliver superior customer service, regardless of budget and resource constraints.

Intuate Group’s Contact Centre Effectiveness Assessment is a cost-effective, yet simple way to ensure that your contact centre is designed to perform optimally.

How it works


  1. We will send you an e-mail with an outline of statistical information we will need in order to assess whether your contact centre is designed for maximum success.
  2. We will book a four-hour long appointment with your contact centre management team.
  3. Your contact centre will be registered on our system.
  4. You will help us answer a series of questions related to the design of your contact centre.
  5. Our system will compile a report.
  6. We will give you high-level feedback on the report and e-mail it to you real-time.

Six easy steps and four hours could transform your contact centre from cost- to profit centre.


Contact Centre Effectiveness Assessment