Customer Experience Industry Solutions

Customer Experience Industry Solutions

Customer Experience Management tailored to your industry

We are transforming customer experience management to allow you to transform your industry.

Interact with your customers in a well-informed and personal manner regardless of the channel of communication.

With Intuate Group’s customer experience management solutions in place, organisations across various industries are now in a position to provide comprehensive omni-channel customer service via an array of channels including email, social media, web chat, mobile messaging, telephony and web. Our solutions are built to address industry specific challenges, thereby providing an advantage over generic solutions.

Equipped with meaningful understanding of customers and their communication preferences, companies are perfectly positioned to deliver personalised experiences through a unified platform that will make customers feel valued.  These experiences provide the foundation for customer loyalty, brand advocacy and overall market share, key components of business longevity.


Deliver a consistent customer experience with every interaction to thrive in this fiercely competitive industry.


React quickly to customer queries whilst ensuring that engagements are transparent, efficient and open to inspection.


Customers are switching service providers easily in search of lower prices, superior network coverage and better voice quality.  Building life-long loyalty by means of customer service is now a matter of survival for telco providers.


Integrate back office data with customer facing solutions to keep all parties completely informed during every stage of service.


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