Eliminate the risk of using inaccurate or outdated documents.


Utilise the power and flexibility of automated document assembly technology and show an immediate return on investment.

Many organisations invest valuable time and assign expensive resources in an effort to produce documents that are error-free and tailored to the business’ needs. The benefits of automating this process through the use of automated document assembly technology includes:

Reduced Risk

Minimise human error decreasing the opportunity for mistakes such as typos, inconsistent data, or missing paragraphs and clauses.

Enhanced Compliance

Build internal and external rules and regulations into your templates to ensure compliance.

Operational Efficiency

Time and money savings can be realised immediately once the technology has been installed.  For example, a global bank used to take 3 days to complete a loan application, after deploying the technology, it takes them less than an hour.

Document Control

Access to templates can be limited or locked down in order to prevent damaging unauthorised changes.


The technology can be deployed on a desktop, in the cloud, in your own server environment, embedded in any website or integrated with commercial web applications.

Power and Scalability

Banks, law firms, insurance providers, government agencies and corporates of all sizes use automated document assembly technology, irrespective of whether they produce five or hundreds of thousands of documents monthly.



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