Habit Analysis and Benchmarking

Habit Analysis and Benchmarking

Helping you build a workforce that performs optimally.

Is it possible to predict whether someone will be successful in a specific position or team?

Intuate Group’s Habit Analysis and Benchmarking offering comprises an online tool that gives companies and recruiters the ability to identify and predict the habits and behaviours linked to individual or team success in a specific environment. Equipped with these valuable insights, companies are in a better position to build, manage and grow individuals or teams.

Business Benefits

  • Facilitates accurate and precise recruitment practices
  • Provides guidance on development areas for new and existing staff members
  • Allows for succession planning
  • Helps to identify future leaders
  • Aids in conflict resolution
  • Allows for better people management
  • Identify areas within the business where individuals are most likely to succeed

By shifting the focus away from an individual’s personality towards their behaviour and habits, companies are empowered to place employees optimally, provide support to existing staff members, create successful teams, and facilitate personal development and growth.


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