Benefit from actionable business intelligence.


Contact Centre Analytics turns your contact centre communications into powerful insights that will enhance customer service, improve quality and help you achieve your outbound objectives.

Intuate Group’s contact centre analytic solutions gives clients the necessary insight to assess how effectively each contact centre interaction is handled by extracting key information and data from all customer communications. This innovative technology transforms the masses of raw data resulting from interactions into valuable business intelligence that will reduce costs, improve quality, increase revenue and ensure compliance.

Our analytic solutions include:

Schedule calls to maximise revenue and agent productivity.

  • Increase customer contact with targeted campaigns using success-based metrics, increasing customers’ propensity to pay
  • Increase money collected and sales revenues within budgetary, compliance and resource constraints
  • Deploy time-based calling campaigns without difficulty using both landline and mobile numbers while maintaining compliant practices
  • Increase right-party contacts, promises-to-pay and closed sales considerably
  • Reduce roll-rates and charge-offs
  • Gain both immediate and long-term benefits through self-learning models
  • Increase agent productivity and satisfaction
  • Deliver a return on investment in less than six months

Unlock valuable business intelligence by understanding the interactions between customers and agents.

  • 100% of calls can be recorded and analysed either post or real-time
  • User defined analysis enables you to access what you need, when you need it
  • Simplified customer interaction analytics for rapid implementation and business results
  • Real-time screening with agent and manager alerts to identify and respond to situations as they occur
  • Initiative-driven quality scorecards with built-in coaching forms
  • Automatic compliance and positivity scoring for each interaction
  • Performance tied to strategic corporate initiatives to implement business process improvement beginning at agent level
  • Affordable licensing based on the number of agents and users

Manage your quality assurance activities for verification, identification of agent training requirements and quality control execution with contact centre analytics.

  • Automatically or manually record all calls or portions thereof according to business rules
  • Capture audio and video on agents’ screens to observe workflow
  • Rate agent performance by assigning scoring criteria
  • Quality assurance scores and results are stored in a database and can be sent to managers automatically
  • Review agent desktop navigation, including keystrokes and mouse movements to improve efficiency
  • Ensure agent adherence with scripts and best practices, verify completeness of captured data, and identify training areas

Ensure compliance with automated and centralised campaign management.

  • Provides centralised campaign management across multiple diallers, technologies and platforms
  • Provides business continuity across multiple platforms
  • Maximise agent utilisation and productivity
  • Increase dialler and operational efficiency
  • Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Enforce consistent strategy and policy execution
  • Increase management productivity
  • Reduce resources required to manage automated diallers
  • Automate campaign execution, calling strategies, phone rotation, filters and time zone management
  • Dynamically move records between campaigns and channels
  • Increase contact rates and customer satisfaction with intelligent recall and phone targeting strategies

Automate the creation and management of performance-based contests and rewards to encourage agents to achieve company initiatives.

  • Eradicate the time-consuming and manual processes associated with the administering of contests
  • Realise unmatched contest-inspired performances with the ability to host contests on a more regular basis
  • Keep teams mindful of top performers and contest contenders with leaderboards
  • Outline rewards up front and allow agents to redeem earned points, all within the system