Gain complete visibility and analyse workplace efficiency.


Boost employee productivity to impact your bottom line and increase operational efficiency.

Today’s business operations seek to be as efficient as possible.  Streamlining workflows can increase productivity and even boost morale amongst employees.  Intuate Group’s operational efficiency technologies offers not only data, but also insights and context that provides managers with an understanding of workflows – allowing them to analyse the findings and plan optimally to ensure better business outcomes.

With cloud deployment options, our solutions will eradicate the risk associated with human error, ensure compliance and increase efficiency.



Workforce productivity and analytics solutions for businesses of any size.

More than 1 million users worldwide across various industries rely on our technologies to help them achieve streamlined operational efficiency without the need to look over someone’s shoulder. With a complete solution set to suit businesses of any size, our technology allows for the insights, data analysis and compliance you need to operate optimally.