The solution to Email Management

Having an efficient, intelligent email management solution is critical to keep your customers and employees happy.

Intuate Group’s Email Management solutions utilises tried and tested Artificial Intelligence and Bots to transform the way your business interacts with its customers, ensuring the right employee deals with the communications that matter to you.

The solution takes the heavy-lifting out of email, enabling your business to auto-categorise incoming messages, decrease email response times and enable higher volume handling, all supported with advanced classification and automated work distribution.

Key features include:

Security and compliance

  • Single Sign On
  • Features Access Control
  • Identity Provider
  • Enquiry Access Control
  • Enquiry Handling Audit
  • Configuration Audit
  • Redaction


  • Customer Management
  • Case Management
  • Sticky Cases
  • Multi Company
  • Multi Language


  • Automated Answer Suggestion
  • Productivity and Collaboration
  • Escalation
  • Working Time Calendar
  • Manual Enquiry Creation
  • Shared Address Book
  • Manual Work Distribution
  • Automated Work Distribution
  • Manual Triage


  • Knowledge Management
  • Entity Management
  • Content Management


  • Extract Business Domain Data
  • Archiving
  • Case Closing
  • Category Management
  • Auto Acknowledgements
  • Categorisation

Reporting and analytics

  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Queries
  • Service Levels

Quality Assurance

  • Agent QA
  • Profanity
  • Customer QA
  • Business DIctionary


  • Email Integration
  • Webhooks

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