Gain complete visibility into workforce efficiency and performance.

Optimise staffing schedules using workforce optimisation to enhance operational performance and add immediate value to your contact centre.

Intuate Group offers clients a complete Workforce Optimisation solution that can accurately predict call volumes, leverage flexible scheduling processes, integrate with existing systems and produce reports that measure agent and contact centre performance. This technology provides clients with a powerful, advanced and affordable solution that is easy to deploy in contact centres of any size. With its dynamic features this cutting-edge solution automates every component of Workforce Optimisation, equipping clients to succeed in an ever increasing complex environment.

Benefits derived from the only Workforce Optimisation solution that caters for outbound scheduling include:

  • Increased profitability and reduced operating cost
  • Resource optimisation within your contact centre or remote teams
  • Improved customer experience and customer lifetime value
  • Improved agent morale, productivity and performance
  • Real-time adherence and reporting
  • Ability to schedule and forecast across an array of channels
  • Ability to measure the productivity and capacity of agents working remotely
  • Improved communication between managers and agents
  • Forecast work volumes based on historical trends to ensure optimal resourcing
  • Measure the performance of your staff against key performance indicators in real-time

Our Workforce Optimisation solution is available to clients as a standalone module that easily integrates with existing systems, or it can be tightly integrated with our Unified Communications modules – providing clients with a comprehensive Workforce Optimisation suite.

Download our Workforce Optimisation brochures for full insight into features and functionality.