Ensure that your contact centre is PCI DSS compliant.


Eliminate the possibility of reputational damage and agent fraud by ensuring that all credit card data remains isolated by removing Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) before it reaches the call recorder and the contact centre infrastructure.

Intuate Group’s contact centre PCI compliance solution delivers secure voice transactions for contact centres and merchants taking payments where cardholders are not present.

The solution allows the call and the call recording to continue as normal whilst the customer enters their credit card information using their mobile device keypad. For complete security, the technology disguises the Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones from the cardholder’s handset and substitutes them with a flat tone so that they can’t be recognised by the contact centre agent or recorded on the call recording system.

How it works

Firstly: The customer calls the contact centre.

Secondly: The customer elects to make a credit card payment.

Thirdly: Safe mode is initiated to disguise the DTMF tones as the customer enters their credit card details.

In safe mode, the tones of all numbers from 0-9 are converted to either “#” or “0” so that they cannot be recognised audibly.  The agent and the customer can carry on with their conversation all through this process and keying errors can be corrected easily.

Lastly: The customer’s credit card details are transferred to the payment provider.

The technology can be implemented on-premise or hosted by your own telephony carrier, bringing about the biggest reduction in the total cost of PCI DSS compliance. In addition, the solution can easily be integrated into your current infrastructure including your voice recording and CRM systems, as well as with your chosen payment service provider.

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