What is the next step for contact centres

As outbound communication becomes even more important, many companies are still struggling to implement an outbound strategy that is effective and efficient. Customer service KPIs continue to drive better practices, new requirements, and developments in marketing while countless hours are wasted using manual processes to contact customers. Agents typically find themselves underprepared once they finally do get in contact with a customer. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that every organization should have a customized marketing plan that is proactive, multichannel, compliant and data-driven. The same should be true for outbound.

It’s no secret that positive customer experience (CX) drives more frequent and higher-level touchpoints. As a result, CX gets intensified during proactive outbound campaigns. The ability to increase customer touchpoints and improve the outbound experience will lead to increased customer engagement and, ultimately, more creative solutions for your organization to expand sales opportunities. This is highly dependent on the alignment of your business and your customer experience. Outbound multichannel strategy combined with voice and a well-trained, live agent workforce is the missing link to exceptional and consistent CX. When agents and technology can both deliver a seamless contact center customer experience, a call center can serve customer needs while also cementing a connection to your business.

The ability to deliver a more focused and personalized digital multichannel experience has been driven by CRM segmentation, self-serve capability and data mining to create and tailor a cohesive outbound and inbound strategy. Your workforce management (WFM) combined with robotic process automation (RPA) and training tools combined with artificial intelligence (AI) ensure that call center operations, from the front lines to administration, have the knowledge, solutions and resources to support continuous delivery of a consistent CX. An integrated and intelligent digital outbound strategy helps you remain consistent and efficient; when combined with workforce engagement management across channels, you can better predict who and what call center agents you will need to schedule. Workflows and triggers based on KPI thresholds, schedule adherence, shrinkage, and service level connected to your outbound strategy mean that your people and your processes are working together.

Proper CX delivery can’t exist without compliance. As the regulatory picture for debt collection changes, Intuate Group’s outbound solutions are designed to help customers balance productivity with regulatory compliance, meeting the needs of your customers and your organization. Many enterprises are struggling with how to engage with customers without fear of legal retribution. Increased touchpoints provide increased opportunities for communications compliance and violations, so strategic outbound oversight must be handled flawlessly. Compliant outbound gives your organization the ability to stay in contact with the consumer while ensuring that you adhere to the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

The possibilities are endless when your company can manage calling regulations and risk worldwide without sacrificing productivity.

Using Intuate Group Outbound, companies have access to the technology required to implement an effective, efficient outbound strategy.