How to Create a Company Culture Where Productivity Can Flourish

How to Create a Company Culture Where Productivity Can Flourish

Many businesses are talking about building a productive workplace culture, but what does that really mean and how do organisations go about creating this type of environment? As a start, you need to define what productivity means to your organisation and identify the steps needed to make it happen.


What Is Productivity?

Productivity is a ratio of inputs to outputs.

Inputs are productivity initiators to align people, process, and technology.

Outputs are unique to each organisation or team and reflect what is generated.


What Does an organization with a Continuous Productivity Improvement Culture Look Like?

Creating a productivity-centric culture can be difficult however Continuous Productivity Improvement environments can become self-sustaining once best practices are put in place.

Continuous productivity improvement requires a concentrated and rewarding focus at the organizational level. Everyone’s work should align to the organisation’s goals and have a clear understanding of the strategies and methodologies used to achieve them.

Productivity is driven by activity; activity is driven by behavior and behavior is driven by culture.


Five ways you can increase the productivity culture of your organisation.

Now that we have a better understanding of what a continuous productivity improvement culture looks like, let’s chat about developing one. Below are five ways that you can improve the productivity culture of your organisation.

  1. Reinforce Your Vision Regularly

Employees must understand what they are working on and what they need to produce. Being productive means that the employee must be working on the right tasks and objectives. This will ensure that they are not led to drift and disengage.

  1. Talk About Productivity Behaviors and Data Within Your Organisation

Teams must be open and honest about behaviors to create an organisation where productivity flourishes. The more you talk about productivity data, the more comfortable employees become in voicing their own concerns on expectations.

  1. Set Goals and Enable Your Organisation Reach Them

Goals require alignment, purpose, and focus and play a key role in developing a continuous productivity improvement culture which is generally overlooked during the traditional goal setting process.

Intuate’s Workforce Intelligence Dashboard provides insights and analysis on productivity where inefficiencies are clearly marked and critical user activity information is captured. The dashboard helps teams stay on course and allows to see problem areas which may need special attention.

  1. Measure the Effect of Your Productivity Improvement Efforts

Assessing productivity becomes tricky with many organisations shifting to fully remote or hybrid models.

Intuate’s Workforce Intelligence Dashboard provides multiple ways to measure the effectiveness of productivity and assess the implementation of new tools and investments. The User Activity and Productivity Reports help managers see which applications are consuming employees’ time and uncover inactive workflows.

  1. Identify Where Friction Exists Amongst Teams

Intuate provides crucial data, and a suite of tools to analyze and optimize operational efficiency. Using organised reports, management teams can identify which software or application may be causing switching interruptions or spot inefficient processes and workflows. These insights can bring to light training opportunities to maximize available tools and empower employees to high performance.


Productivity is a continuous process

Maintaining your environment through the use of optimisation is essential to keep thriving with productivity within your organisation.

If you are just starting out or struggling to get on the path to a CPI culture, following the principles we’ve laid out above will get you to the finish line. No matter where you are in the journey, remember that a leadership team that drives continuous improvement, provides support where necessary and invests in their people elevates everyone’s performance.


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