JOHANNESBURG – November 08, 2012 – Local technology solutions and people resources integrator, Intuate Group, has formed a strategic partnership with the world leader of uptime assurance for critical business operations, Stratus Computer Technologies, ensuring that a broader dissection of South African businesses have access to “absolute availability” within their data centres, through Stratus Fault Tolerant Servers (ftServers).

“In environments such as stock exchanges, air-traffic control, finance, credit card authorisation, public safety, emergency services, health care, ATM backbones, process manufacturing and telecommunications, any downtime is disastrous. For this reason, Intuate Group is proud to offer Stratus’ world-class true fault tolerant solution, meaning there is absolutely no interruption in service,” says Mark Edwards, director of product and services at Intuate Group.   

According to Pieter van der Merwe, availability solutions architect at Stratus Computer Technologies, high availability, by definition, means a recovery from failure as quickly as possible, which means that the customer will invariably experience an outage.

“To make matters worse, this outage may result in data loss or corruption. Depending on the complexity and nature of the solution, the recovery time may take a few minutes, or much longer if data corruption occurred. Should this happen, the impact on the bottom-line could be devastating.

“With Stratus ftServers the customer experiences absolute availability. This means that an outage or any data loss or data corruption when a hardware failure does take place is completely avoided.

“Time is money,” he adds, “and downtime can cost an exorbitant amount of money. The Stratus solution means that clients are able to protect their most business critical applications against downtime as well as protecting the integrity of their data.”

Intuate Group and Stratus view their partnership as a mutually beneficial relationship. One of the reasons for this is that Intuate Group’s unique call centre offering is the ideal application to be underpinned by Stratus ftServers. “The group’s solution, combined with Stratus’ technologies, can open up an entirely new marketplace for both parties. Another big advantage for Stratus specifically, is the strong relationships that Intuate Group has with key customers and the way in which Stratus can deliver further value to these businesses,” says Van der Merwe.

Testimony to this is the fact that Intuate Group is currently implementing Stratus ftServers at one of South Africa’s largest retail groups, an existing Intuate Group client.

Furthermore, three Intuate Group engineers have successfully completed Stratus’ 99.999 percent certification. “This illustrates Intuate Group’s commitment to the partnership and delivering the most expert service to our customers,” comments Edwards.

Van der Merwe agrees, “Both Stratus and Intuate Group have a very customer-centric approach and culture. If customer satisfaction is the foundation of our relationship, we are bound for great success.”

About Intuate Group

Intuate Group is a privately owned, broad based IT company that focuses on providing professional, integrated technology and people resources solutions. Its services encompass the provision of state-of-the-art contact centre solutions, the supply and implementation of best-of-breed IT solutions, as well as IT strategy and consulting. The company is also a partner of choice for business intelligence, project management, the management and support of IT infrastructure – specifically storage and server consolidation – and the provision of resources. For more information, please visit

About Stratus Technologies

Stratus delivers the world’s only proactive availability guarantee for the platforms that run the most vital functions of commerce, manufacturing, government, financial services and healthcare. Combining patented software and hardware technologies with 30 years’ of unparalleled remote monitoring and management expertise for availability, Stratus helps save lives and protect the business and reputations of companies, institutions and governments the world over. To learn more about worry-free computing, visit


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