JOHANNESBURG – September 30, 2015 – South African owned integrated solutions specialist, Intuate Group announces a new solution for workforce optimisation and precision recruitment, enabling users to “precision recruit” new employees and develop new and current employees optimally for that specific environment.

“Managing a workforce is amongst the top three most challenging areas in business today.  And research has shown that success in this area can be achieved by matching the experience and abilities of an individual with the task or job at hand in a given context or environment,” explains Nicolette de Wit, CEO of Intuate Group.

She continues: “Recruiting people for a specific job in a company has important implications for both the employer and employee.  It is always good to be reminded of the fact that the employment cost is, for the vast majority of companies and even government, the highest single expense to be carried – people are expensive resources.  Replacing people who have left the business with new recruits is even more costly. Recruitment costs, training costs and the initial phase of less productive outcomes from new recruits inflate the cost to company.  The recruitment function in a business is the most critical capability for ensuring a successful and sustainable future for that business.

“Through our new offering users can now create a benchmark profile of top performers’ behavioural habits, which are then matched to the habits of potential or current employees.”

According to de Wit, Intuate Group wanted to provide a recruitment solution that offered both quantifiable and qualitative benefits to clients, including:

  • Making accurate placements;
  • Reducing staff turnover;
  • Decreasing training time;
  • Developing staff towards top performance;
  • Empowering managers;
  • Creating optimal teams;
  • Scientific succession planning;
  • Better employee development;
  • Fully understanding relationships; and
  • Understanding poor performers.

“This fully automated, internet based service has been deployed successfully in small to very large enterprises, and is easily managed by just a few responsible resources within the organisation.  It will help any company to rapidly optimise their workforce by moving and placing the right people in the right positions, as well as to grow their current pool of top performers on a continuous basis,” explains De Wit.

But, it is not all about the benefit to organisations.  In fact, one of the most important decisions an individual can take is what he/she will do with his/her life in terms of a career.  People that are happy in what they do are much more successful than those who are unhappy.  By knowing themselves better, individuals will be more successful, improve their relationships and identify their development areas – all benefits which cannot be overestimated.

“Investing in a system which will keep a database of the behavioural habits of all employees within the organisation will enable you to optimally place, manage, develop and retain your workforce, which results in a more successful business.  This system makes it possible to place the right person in the right position by matching the key habits and behaviours of any candidate to that of the top performers in a specific job, at a specific location.  We are delighted to be offering this service to our clients,” concludes De Wit.

About Intuate Group

Intuate Group is a privately owned, broad based IT company that focuses on providing professional, integrated technology and people resources solutions.  Its services encompass the provision of state-of-the-art contact centre solutions, customer experience management solutions that enable a 360 degree view of the customer, supply and implementation of best-of-breed IT solutions, as well as IT strategy and consulting. The company is also a partner of choice for business intelligence, project management, the management and support of IT infrastructure – specifically storage and server consolidation – and the provision of resources.

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