JOHANNESBURG – July 27, 2011 – The role of the IT project manager has evolved from being primarily technical and administrative focused to adding strategic value to an organisation through broad and solid managerial competencies. To facilitate this adjustment, an innovative services-based project management model, which manages projects through a team approach, is recommended by technology solutions and people resources integrator, Intuate Group, to ensure the successful delivery of projects.

According to Peter Green, programme and project management executive at Intuate Group, today’s IT project managers need to be leaders with well-honed business and IT skills complemented by professional and competent behaviours and attitudes. “That is, their credibility, ability to talk with substance, work ethic and managerial style are as significant as their change management, communication, financial and negotiation capabilities. It is only with this broad range of skills that they can command the respect and endorsement from all stakeholders involved in the project and wider business communities. The bottom line is that managing the documentation side of projects just does not cut it anymore; an IT project manager has to provide the leadership to and management of all stakeholders including the business sponsor, owner and users.”

He adds that this scenario has created a need for a holistic support solution for IT project managers. “Backed by a project management services model, the IT project manager is no longer a lone figure on site, as a project management services model supports project managers with a vast library of intellectual property, support and mentorship. This provides the right capabilities not only to manage projects, but also successfully deliver on end results.”

The services model can be provided through either internally available skills working as a team or externally through a professional service provider, depending on project and organisational needs. The services model looks at all the requirements of the project management team to see if the skills are the right fit in terms of industry, organisational and project knowledge and experience, qualifications, as well as the aforementioned supporting business skills, behaviour and attitude. “Mentorship, coaching and training throughout the project not only provide an excellent knowledge base and sounding board, but also add to quality performance management.”

Green says that project managers’ roles are evolving very quickly and it is imperative to recognise that it takes a number of people to work together as a team for the success of a project. He also believes that there is no need to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to lessons learnt as the industry and IT experience and knowledge is packaged and made available by the project management services model provider.

“Project management is a demanding job that requires emotional intelligence as well as academic prowess, logic and reasoning skills. However, through the support of a project management services model, staying flexible, possessing good business skills and remaining focused on adding business value as well as staying on top of best practices, methodologies and lifecycles and toolsets, the success of both project and business is infinitely enhanced,” concludes Green.


Intuate Group (Pty) Limited provides specialised integrated solutions and flexible services, including: contact centres; portfolio, programme and project management and offices; managed services; business intelligence data analytics; and back up, archiving and disaster recovery, which bring real benefit to its clients in support of their strategic and operational objectives.

The solutions are enabled through best of breed global technologies and are continuously enhanced through thought leadership and ongoing research.

Established in 2000, Intuate Group is a privately owned South African organisation based in Sandton, with satellite offices in Durban and Cape Town.

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