What is the next step for contact centres

What is the next step for contact centres?

Digital Transformation has been accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic and contact centres reached a vital turning point. The necessity of migrating contact centre agents, technical staff and management to working from home, still required huge reliance on providing adequate support and nurturing customer relationships. This meant a vast increase in the agility that contact centres needed to have. Agility in a contact centre meant scalability, accessibility and cloud-proficiency.

The pandemic saw an increase in contact centres moving to the cloud to be able to adapt to this “new world” we live in today. Although many Contact Centre’s did not move to a complete cloud solution, they had to adopt a hybrid environment which gave them the agility they needed to adapt to the new norm and to ensure that service levels did not decrease.


The modern multi-channel contact centre has entered into a new era. This era is being driven by strategic business value rather than to only support cost-optimisation within the organisation. It is in the strategic business outcomes where you will truly see the value in a cloud-based contact centre deployment.

The next phase of cloud transformation includes many benefits some of which are listed below:

  1. Value of cloud-powered decision-making

Contact centres that are run in the cloud helps organisations make smarter business decisions, become more agile to functional needs and be more strategic.

  1. Value of powered analytics

Managing your business becomes easier with the use of intelligent analytics which provides insights to line managers. Deploying this solution allows you to reveal the value within the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and employee data. This will help your organisation improve visibility which will have an impact across your entire business.

  1. Value of cloud-powered collaboration

Given the pandemic, many workers are operating remotely, organisations are decentralised and employees have been given more flexibility. Running your contact centre within the cloud empowers your employees increasing communication and collaboration working anywhere and anytime.

  1. Value of employee engagement

The cloud enables flexible work arrangements which results in achieving value from higher employee engagement and empowerment initiatives. This brings forward better information about agents and thus improves the customer experience (CX).

  1. Value of cloud security

Security is no longer a point of defence but a must have for any cloud solution. Security features built into contact centre solutions are seeing organisations be less fearful that their data will be breached.

  1. Value of cloud agility

Digital transformation becomes easier when you are running solutions in the cloud. Trying out new tools or plugins can be deployed easily and quickly to meet your future demand.



Becoming a member of this new cloud era should not be rushed. A phased approach can be taken for migration to the cloud and Intuate Group will be there for every step of the way. There are 2 main cloud options:

Pure cloud – this is where all systems (WEM, CCaaS and CRM) are deployed within a public, private or hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud – this is when only some systems are within a public, private or hybrid cloud while others are still on-premise

Moving over to a cloud solution can be tricky but having Intuate Group with you can ensure that your data is safe and that no data is lost during the critical migration phase. To help with this your organisation should consider the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach as these have been written for the cloud by professionals in the field. These professionals have dedicated time, energy and resources to ensure that the integration is successful and that the full potential of your cloud-based contact centre is reached.



Many organisations have yet to experience the full potential of a contact centre in the cloud from invaluable analytics to Workforce Engagement Management (WEM). The time is now to start moving over to the cloud and help your contact centre and organisation reach new heights. If you are already in the cloud it is time to start thinking about ways to improve your system and optimise both employee and customer experience.


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